Poverty can rock or suck. Either way it's not the end.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Make A Difference

The thing about poverty is that once you are in it, it really is hard to get out of.  It is a proven fact that whether you were born into it or fell into it later on your own, once you are there, the climb out is nearly impossible.

Understanding that nothing you did or didn't do in the past can change the fact that it's happened to YOU is crucial to getting through this phase of your life (let's hope it's a phase) with as little heart-ache as possible.  I bring this up again and again because it is so important but you MUST not blame yourself for this predicament.

Adding to your stress and depression level at a time like this is just dangerous.  You have enough to deal with so be NICE to yourself as much as you can.  DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT listen to anyone or anything that will bring you down.  (that includes your mother)

No amount of analyzing how you got here will make a bit of difference so let it go.  Vanished, good-bye, no more!

Unemployed?  No problem.  Your job now is to do anything and everything that you enjoy doing that doesn't cost money.  This is the time to explore all those things you didn't have time for when you were busy slaving away making a few people super wealthy.
Reading, writing, meditating, exploring your connection to being, walking, jogging, and spending quality time with your children are a few things I like that don't cost a thing but follow your own interests.

Remember, the world is negative enough without you adding to it.  Just keep in mind that much of the world is experiencing economic hardships (except about 1% of the population) and we all need to keep it on a positive note.  The world and the universe does respond to energy so be the one who makes yourself and others smile as often as you can, anything less is just irresponsible.

Take this time to connect with people whether online or in person, preferably both.  Connections to others is the fabric that can sustain you through anything so now is not the time to lock yourself in your mind and retreat from the world.  Your mind can't help you through this, if left to your mind you may wind up in the mental ward and you don't want that, even the street is better than being locked up.

Your mind will tell you all kinds of things that are not true so don't listen to it.  Contrary to popular belief, being poor is not all that bad if you are able to make the most of it.  Many wise and enlightened people came from poverty, much more in fact than came from wealth and privilege and the whole of upper and middle class combined.

So consider yourself lucky that you have this opportunity to be and know who you truly are.  Not everyone gets the chance to live through something like this and most if it is thrust upon them will fight it to the end never realizing anything.  Some people for whatever reason just won't or can not wake up.

But you can.
You can make a difference in someones' life today
even if it is just your own.


  1. I actually haven't had 2 dimes to put together since I left my folks home nearly 40 years ago. I am happier than I ever remember my father being who worked until he died and had saved a quarter million dollars. Which my mom promptly spent and is now impoverished herself. I so the money bring such agony to my parents that I knew there was more to life than the almighty dollar...This is a great post, I love it and it is so very true.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jan, I loved it. I know what you mean about your father, mine worked 16 hours a day so we never saw him and when we did, my mother and him just fought over the fact that we didn't. We had a nice home in a nice neighborhood but we were probably the most miserable family on the block. Money, apparently, was more important than we were, at least, that's how I saw it.

    My parents finally divorced after 40 years. They are both well off but to this day their money is more important than anything else to them which is really sad. They are under the opinion that money reflects the value a person has so no money, no value.

    I don't know whether it's conditioning or what but too many people are this way. At any rate, welcome to the "no 2 dimes to rub together" club.