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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is The End Near?

Have you ever wondered why people are attracted to end of the world predictions and the videos that go with them?  Every now and then I find myself looking up keywords like Elenin (extinction level event), solar flares,  volcano levels, earthquake trends and I realized that instead of wanting to be prepared for some monstrous world changing catastrophe, I secretly wished it would happen already.

I wonder if I'm alone in this, secretly wishing that something natural and unavoidable would put an end to the suffering that living in this horrific war filled world creates.  Everyday on the news I watch as another unimaginable injustice or atrocity is committed by some power hungry, unconscionable human driven entity.  Just being American brings up feelings of terror and horror when faced with the fact that my own people stand by doing nothing to stop the crimes that are committed in their name.

As a human being I have to wonder WHY?  Why does it have to be this way?  Why do a select few, obviously unenlightened mentally deranged people get to make all the decisions that affect so many? Can't anyone see that what they do is pure madness?  Can you  imagine yourself going around killing any human being in the name of ANYTHING?  I mean really isn't this common sense?  Would you walk over to your neighbors house and shoot up the whole family because you were afraid they might do that to you one day?  

Of course, you wouldn't because you are not insane.  Why can't we see that anyone who would is?  Just how much clearer does it have to be for us to stop letting the insane rule our countries and our world?  Why should anyone rule over anyone?  Can't we make our own decisions?  Are our lives not our own to shape anymore?

The better question is what if anything can be done about it?  Even peaceful protesters are getting locked up now and still nobody blinks an eye?  It's just so bizarre it's like we are living in a science fiction movie that never ends.  

The most bizarre thing of all to me though is the fact that nobody notices.  Or worse than that, nobody cares.  What has happened to us that nobody cares about anyone else anymore?  

Maybe it is time for the world as we know it to end.  Maybe we have passed the threshold of human ignorance and indifference. Maybe it really is too late, to late to end the violence, the inequality, the obvious prejudice and hatred toward our fellow man.  Maybe, whatever intelligence that created this world, if indeed there is one has had enough.  

How much farther down the scale of inhumanity can we go?  I for one don't want to be here to see it.  I don't want to see another Nazi Germany.  I don't even want to see another bomb go off.  I don't want to sit back and watch people starving to death all over the planet knowing all the while that there is enough for everyone and it doesn't have to be this way.  Worst of all, I don't want to do it knowing I did nothing to stop it.  

I for one know that I did not come to this world for this.  I was not born so that I might live as a monster, an uncaring, unfeeling aberration of life.  I was not born to suffer a life of poverty either wondering whether my children would eat or have shelter from day to day.  I did not come to be a witness to this because that would make me unworthy of life.

I was born to live in peace, love, and harmony or I would not have been born.  Even if by some miracle, I could acquire some measure of comfort how does one enjoy it knowing that so many others still suffer immeasurably?  I guess the real question is how do I live in a world like this one?

I don't think I can if something drastic doesn't change this course we are on.  I can't just stand by helplessly while the world is plunged into this senseless abyss of heartless barbarism.  

I don't know what I can do.  The question isn't how can I change my life anymore, the question is how can I change the world.


  1. Any comments? Any thoughts at all? Just wondering?

  2. Are the comments working now?

  3. I agree. I sometimes wish for another world war or something so we can all be beaten down to dust. It seems to me that is the only way people will wake up and realize what is really important.

  4. We change the world doin what we are doing.. spreading smiles and love one person at a time.As always...XOXOXOXOX

  5. Thank you Bongo, you always know exactly what to say. XOXOXOX back at you