Poverty can rock or suck. Either way it's not the end.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Poor Entertainment

Good morning, it's your lazy, worthless, disgusting poor person here ready to do nothing productive all day but drink coffee and muse on the wonders of homelessness.  That's right folks, jobs like writing and blogging, are only jobs if you get paid for them and you can prove you are "somebody" worth reading about.

Take my mother, for instance, whenever I see her she can not resist the urge to tell me from the bottom on up what a worthless piece of crap I am and that I should be out begging to clean someone's toilet for a buck instead of sitting on my ass writing.

Self-riotous people love nothing so much as getting down on the down and out.  Nothing else in the world makes them feel more Superior than seeing a poor person.  It's such a tremendous ego boost for them they just can't resist it.  Rule number #1 (if you are poor) is don't take these people seriously.  If they were such fantastically upstanding people, they would be spreading joy and warmth not smirking at you.

This is easier said then done but with just a little practice you can get it down.  Just remember that when they are dead their body will decay in exactly the same way yours will.  No difference there.  After that, mentally dive right down into your own heart and know that you are good after all you know that your own level of compassion and empathy is alive and well.  Don't bother thinking you are better than them, you're not.  You are the same animal dressed in different clothing.

Differences are the colors that make the world a beautiful place so keep in mind that you and your situation are different not less than.  Think of it this way, if there were no poor people how would a rich person know they were rich?  You are providing a valuable service by reminding them that their lives aren't so bad after all.  They will look at you and be grateful for the comforts they get to enjoy everyday like going out to eat in a restaurant, driving their car, and having a bed they can sleep in.

Trust me there are a lot of people out there who have a nice home, a great job, and a wonderful family who are completely miserable so take the time to observe them when you get the chance because they are EVERYWHERE.  You will see them becoming irritated at the most inconsequential things like having to wait in the check-out line or the traffic stop.  My mother for instance goes completely ape shit bonkers if you fail to close the gate on her porch.

Why am I telling you all this?  It's simple really.  Poor people need entertainment more than most people to distract them from the things they have to deal with that really do suck. ( like running out of food or having your cell phone disconnected FOR GOOD)  So sit back and have a chuckle at all those pissed off people running around like their pants are on fire.  Once you develop the eye for it, there's no amount of money that can buy this uncensored type of entertainment.

So open your eyes, the world really is your playground.


  1. I am one of those poor people sitting here on my ass writing.... I am a single mom.. 3 kids ... no job....yup here I an with you...coffee?????..As always....XOXOXOXO

  2. Coffee, yes, absolutely, just waiting for my second monster cup to get done brewing right now. Starbucks beware, my coffee is just as potent as yours is. So glad to have you along, Bongo, the best things in life really are free!