Poverty can rock or suck. Either way it's not the end.

Friday, April 13, 2012

We Are Awesome

Okay, let's get started.  We don't have a home but because I'm basically a nice, generous person, and I've managed to make at least one friend in life who is actually happy to have my company (everyday) in his home.  No, we are not an item.  We are friends.  I add that in case there is a prejudiced person reading this who thinks that poor women have no morals or values.  (SCREW YOU) I also don't do drugs.  I'm not an alcoholic and I'm neither mentally ill or unstable.  (SCREW YOU AGAIN)

When I say "we" I'm referring to myself and my three children.  I am a single mom and to put your question to rest, I CHOSE to be this way.  The father is a creep, so I threw him to the curb, and gratefully he never came back.

That's all I'm going to tell you about my personal life so let's move on.

I'm having the time of my life on most days.  I don't care that my fingernails and toes aren't manicured and I don't long to walk around like a zombie at the mall buying things that are perfectly useless like a $200 picture frame or an expensive espresso machine.  The receptacle I make coffee in isn't worth two bucks but it makes one nice big cup at a time and it works just fine.

We ARE among the lucky poor that have a computer and my friend graciously lets us use his wireless Internet connection.  (to haunt you with) We do not have cable TV here so I'm grateful my kids don't get hooked into all those idiotic children's shows that have nothing to do with the reality of anyone who actually lives in this world.  Please, when is the last time you saw a kid on Disney channel screaming "Cockroach" or doing the dishes.  Piss on that.  I'm happy to say that since we've been staying here I've reduced the cockroach population by at least a thousand.  (and that's without dangerous chemicals and just common household remedies...like borax and the bottom of my shoe)

We are perfectly above normal people.  My children aren't hoodlums or out of control.  We don't rob houses at night and you won't hear us cussing each other out from down the street.  We don't hit each other. (I don't even spank...read Alice Miller you spanking morons) We are a peaceful, loving family unit.

Poor yes, miserable no.

You make the best of what you have available to work with.

That is what poor people do.

We are adaptable.

We are awesome!

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